Friday, February 22, 2013

My first post!

Painting : "Galileo, Newton y Einstein" by Maugdo Vásquez López

My first post!

February 23,2013

Hi! My name is Treb. I'm new at blogging. This is my first attempt to write a blog, and a science blog that is! But why do I need to write a blog about the most interesting topic, school subject and discipline in the world? Are not many other people already making good and interesting blogs themselves, posting it in the internet for the whole world to see? In my opinion, the answer is both a yes and a no.

It is a yes since obviously, many people created blogs about science and its different disciplines like Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry and others. And I would also say no, because not everybody has the tendency to appreciate Science. Technology, no doubt many appreciate that. But Science? No, the processes that led to the cellular phone, bionic arms and legs, the internet, your precious gadgets, the electric car, airplanes and super high speed trains are basically the product of the Scientific Method.

This is my attempt to make a blog that would help me and my fellow humans to appreciate the wonders of the Scientific Enterprise. To make people from all walks of life to appreciate the things Science has discovered and created, so that we can live our lives much more comfortably than before. Every time I discover something or learned new things, I would share it to them here. I will point out references to books, documentaries, articles and other mediums that promotes a Scientific outlook in life.

Citation needed:

I would strongly recommend to share this to everybody. Regardless of their status in life. Science is important because it is the only harbinger of light, rephrasing the words of Carl Sagan, in a dark world of ignorance. I believe that knowledge is power and that power will reveal the truth about things we can observe and about things we can analyze. Sit back and enjoy!

Please bear in mind that all of my posts are not my original ideas. These are taken from different sources and different mediums (video, internet article, books, etc.) and I will do my best to represent the author and cite this as his original work, put links to it and put everything related to the idea and topic being discussed. I am not a Scientist, I am a Science and Technology fan and I will do my best to provide tidbits about Science and Technology. 

I am happy to be of service to all for the enhancement of the public understanding of Science. 

Here is something to keep you jolly! 


 To start with, I would like to share to you Phil Plait's video on why science is important:

 So what is Science? As defined by Wikipedia :

          "Science (from Latin scientia, meaning "knowledge") is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe."

You can read more about that here

Actually, there maybe thousands of websites, videos, articles, books, and others that defined what Science is. You maybe checking your own Science book now! A good way is create your own definition of Science. What do you think Science is? 

Is it just a subject at school that you might forget once you graduated and entered the workforce? Do you think that Science is just for geeks and nerds and those who are thought geniuses? Are you thinking that Science might be boring?

For me, Science is an adventure. It explains the natural world we live in. It answers questions about us and looks for solutions to problems we encounter. Science is not just a subject, it is a lifestyle, it is a worldview. It lets you appreciate these facts that it gives you, lets you think critically and helps you make sound decisions based on your observations. Science also helps in clearing out what is true and what is not by experimentation, observations, and most of the time sheer perseverance, patience and discipline. Appreciating Science is not hard, really.

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